Frank Wesley

Gym Equipment

During the summer of 2016, I was told by my diabetes and kidney doctors that I needed to get my weight down and my blood sugar under control. At the time, I weighed 292 pounds and my blood sugar was averaging in the 300s with fourth stage kidney disease. On July 7, 2016, I began working out two days a week with B.J., a personal trainer at Bethany Fitness. B.J. quickly put me on a strong eating regimen and workout plan.

Five months later, I have lost 38 pounds and my blood sugar numbers are in the mid-80s most of the time. I have had my insulin pump reduced four times. My diabetes is finally under control and my kidney functions have leveled off. I continue to work out with B.J. two times a week and I’ve added an additional three days a week doing cardio on my own. I know that a kidney transplant will be inevitable down the road, but with my new exercise regimen and better eating habits, it will make me a good candidate for the donor list. Making these lifestyle changes was hard at first, but the results have been life-saving.