Our Trainers

BJ Pietryak

Head Trainer & Fitness Director

I’m a retired Baltimore Police Officer who taught self defense and weight management at the academy, with more than 18 years of personal training experience. I am a believer in “muscle confusion”. Doing the same workout everyday is not beneficial and also boring.  See results and a change with me!

Gilly Raudabaugh

Hello, and thank you for taking a minute to read my bio!

I have been in the training and nutrition industry for roughly 30 year and it has been my pleasure to help countless people of all ages and fitness levels.
In addition to my Personal Training certification, I also hold a Master Trainer Certification and Certifications in both Sports Nutrition and Senior Fitness.
My goal is to help you achieve your goal, plain and simple. Through a unique blend of exercises, stretching and diet, you will be on your way in no time.
Sometimes it is not just about doing it, but doing it better.

Whether you are looking to manage your weight, tone up, put on mass, add lean muscle or just improve your overall quality of life, I will help you get there.

Please feel free to contact me and set up an evaluation.
Stay Healthy

Donna Hall

Donna is IFPA certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist and Women’s Fitness Specialist. Donna has also held certifications as a Strength Ball Specialist and Strength Band Specialist since 1996. Donna has been an educator and enthusiastic participant in the fitness lifestyle for over 20 years. As an avid runner for many years, she became interested in women’s weight training and body sculpting in the early 1990’s and has pursued this passion ever since.

In 1995, Donna entered her first Natural Body Building Show, winning The Best Poser Award. She has continued to win and place in many Tri-State shows over the years and has worked and trained with many IFBB pros during this time. This unique experience and knowledge has been a valuable tool in creating personalized programs and helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Although incredibly diversified, Donna specializes in working with women to achieve fat and weight loss as well as body sculpting through a blend of functional weight training and cardio conditioning with special guidance on nutrition.

Jen Dieste

I have been a Group Fitness Instructor for over 15 years. Some of the classes I have taught include Spin, Les Mills Bodypump, Tabata, High Intensity Interval Training, and many more. I also teach fitness classes through Indian River Adult Education. I am a Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Spin Instructor, and World Instructor Training Schools Certified Personal Trainer. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from George Mason University in Recreation Resources with a specialization in Exercise Science.

You have to want to be better for yourself. No one else. It takes commitment, and a true desire to want to be a fit, healthy individual. I love all aspects of fitness, and my passion for this industry is something I am very proud of.

Jenny Mahaffey

Hi there! My name is Jenny Mahaffey and I’m here to help you reach your personal best. I have a strong passion for health and wellness, as well as a desire to encourage and inspire others to obtain their goals. My goal is for you to find YOUR best body—a strong, healthy, energetic, happy, and fit body.

I first became an AFPA Group Exercise Instructor in 2005, then received additional certifications in Senior Fitness, Arthritis Aquatics, Gliding and Kickboxing Instruction. In November 2009, I was holding my 3 month old son in my arms as a doctor diagnosed my other 18 month old son with a severe brain disorder, and life as I knew it stopped. The next day I became a stay at home mom in order to manage his twice-daily therapy appointments. I had long days and sleepless nights, at which time I decided to dedicate my career to fitness and became a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition and Wellness Consultant.

In 2013, I was promoted to Head Trainer and Wellness Coordinator at LDRC. Meanwhile, I implemented and managed the fitness program at the Flight Trampoline Park, also in Fairfax. I loved my clients, my class participants, and my career choice.

Yet in August, life called us to Ocean View, Delaware and I’m so happy to be here. Sooooo happy. It is beautiful here. If you’re not sure about personal training come chat with me at the gym. I’ll be happy to speak with you. I’d love to help you be the best you!

Casey Vosburg

I am NFPT certified in Personal Training and Sports Nutrition, with continuing education credits through AFPA in Core Strength, BOSU Balance/Conditioning and Lower Body Sculpting. I am also a national NPC Figure Competitor (bodybuilding).

I strive to help my clients reach their goals and believe that anything is possible! Whether the aim is general health, rehabilitation from injuries, sports specific conditioning, physique transformation or just to feel good, I will do my best to help them achieve it. Another beneficial aspect gained from training is confidence and a sense of pride and accomplishment!